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Do you know what the worst part about wearing makeup is? Removing it. How many of us feel the same? Imagine, you’ve just returned home after partying all night and removing makeup will be the biggest task on your mind. To make this whole coming-home-and-removing-makeup-before-going-to-bed easier for you, here are some smart tips that you will thank us later for:

1. Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover:

Take a cotton swab , dip it in coconut oil and dab it on your face to help you get rid of the most stubborn and water-resistant makeup. The best part about using coconut oil as a makeup remover is that you will not have to scrub too much.

Remove Makeup with Coconut Oil


2. Baby Oil as Make up Remover:

For all you makeup addicts out there, baby oil is your best bet when it comes to getting rid of all the makeup before you go to bed. Just like coconut oil, baby oil too will help you with removing makeup smoothly. Baby oil helps removing the makeup that just doesn’t want to part ways with your face.

Use Baby Oil To Remove Makeup


3. Milk + Almond Oil:

Take the last few swigs of milk from your refrigerator and mix it with a few drops of sweet almond oil. And ta-da! You have an all-new makeup remover. Apply this mixture with a cotton swab to your face. This method is not only inexpensive but also a natural cleanser for your face.
Homemade Natural Makeup Removers


4. Cucumber As Make Up Remover:

Who said cucumbers are only for curing puffy eyes? You can also make a natural makeup remover with cucumbers. Blend a slice of cucumber till it turns into a paste. Add some olive oil to the paste and you’re ready with a cleanser. This method also soothes the skin while removing makeup.

Homemade Makeup Remover with Cucumber


5. Use Steaming for Makeup Removal:

Use steaming for makeup removal. Fill the sink with hot water and then lean over it for a few minutes till the steam unclogs your pores. This will make it easier for you to remove face makeup with your regular face soap.

Use steaming for makeup removal


Know of any other makeup remover technique? Let us know if you do!