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Ditch smokey eyes this year and go for a cooler and more attractive eye makeup look. Colored eye shadow is the new makeup trend that’s been doing the rounds. If you see the below Instagrammers and the way they’ve nailed their eye makeup, you will be instantly inspired to experiment with your eye makeup as well. Don’t believe us? Then, go ahead and give these pro Instagrammers a look:

1. Ankita Srivastava of Corallista looks absolutely gorgeous in a striking purple eye look. With fuller lashes, this look is sure to stand out if done the right way. And Ankita, on her Youtube channel shows us how to do purple eyes right. If you can pull off this look effortlessly, then the next time you’re getting ready for a party, ditch smokey eyes for purple eyes.



2. Rati Tehri Singh of MakeupAndBeauty pulls off this teal green eyeshadow color like she was born with it. Swipe some kajal and mascara to finish the eye look super smoothly. Doesn’t this make you try your hand at colourful eyeshadow NOW?



3. This combination of peach and purple on the eyes is looking stunning. The purple and blue underneath the eye helps accentuate the peach shadow on the top lid, making it look like an ultimate eyeshadow color. We are totally in awe of this color. What do you think?



4. This popstar look is made from the combination of pink and yellow. If you want to experiment with makeup, then make your eyes stand out with a unique eyeshadow color. Mix two colors if you think you can pull it off with effortlessly. Well, would you try this one though?



5. Because colourful eyeshadow is in, bloggers and makeup junkies are going all out to experiment with various color combinations. If a mixture of two colors wasn’t quirky enough, here’s a combination made out of three different eyeshadow colors, that is, orange, blue and purple.  Who’s going to try this out?