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With winters comes the problem of dry skin and hair. Though we love the cold weather, we also need to take utmost care of our skin in these harsh cold months. Here’s listing a few winter skincare tips to make you enjoy the winter season fuss-free:

1. Replace Your Water-Based Moisturizer with Oil-Based Moisturizer

This is because the skin on our face is more sensitive. Thus, it’s a great idea to ditch a water-based moisturizer for an oil-based moisturizer so that the oil can form a protective layer on the skin and retain moisture on your face.

oil-based moisturizer for face


2. Make Moisturizing A Daily Routine

If you don’t apply moisturizer in regular intervals, your skin is bound to get dry. Which is why, it is important to moisturize your skin several times in a day. You can use various body oils and lotions that contain products like avocado oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, mineral oil or glycerin daily to reduce the dryness on your skin.

 Apply Moisturizer Daily


3. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water helps you look youthful and gives you a wrinkle-free face. Therefore, drink enough water in a day, that will not only keep you hydrated but also, leave you with a glowing skin.

Benefits of drinking water for skin


4. Do Not Step Out Without Applying Sunscreen

Did you know? The winter sun, though however nice it feels on our frozen hands and feet, can damage your skin to a great extent. Therefore, never forget to apply sunscreen on your hands and face before stepping out in the sun.

Apply Sunscreen Everyday


5. Bathe With Lukewarm Water

Though we all love bathing in hot water during the cold season, it is actually not a good idea to expose your face skin and hair with hot water. The intense heat of a hot bath or hair wash can lead to loss of moisture in our skin and can cause hair breakage.

Benefits of bathing with warm water


6. Use A Suitable Lotion

For all those with a dry skin, use a lotion that suits your skin type. Apply the lotion all over your face gently before you apply makeup. Whereas for all those with an oily skin, you just need to apply a little bit of it.

Use Best Moisturizing Lotions