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Nothing beats a good makeup day, but as the temperatures rise, it gets more and more difficult to have your makeup in place all day long. We all know that summers and makeup meltdowns go hand-in-hand. To avoid makeup blunders, here’s giving you a few summer makeup tips to sail through the humid weather:

1. Ditch the usual blended eyeshadows and crease contouring and have fun with colors. Yes, wear bright shades to make your eyes pop as you head out in the summer months.


Bright Eyeshadow


2. Wearing mascara in summers can lead to terrible meltdown, ruining your entire makeup. An alternative to mascara is eyelash curlers. Curl your lashes as this will not just make your eyes look bigger, but also, prevent any makeup breakdown.


Eyelash Curler


3. Replace concealer with a BB cream in summers as the BB cream works as a sunscreen, primer and tinted moisturizer.


Replace concealer with BB cream


4. Dewy skin looks gorgeous in summers. To achieve a dewy look on your face, all you need to do is mix your highlighter with foundation, and voila! Highlight your cheekbones and collarbones with this easy-to-make mixture.


Dewy skin


5. Skip smokey eyes this summer for glossy lids. Wear alone by dabbing your gloss of choice onto the centre of your lids or swipe shimmery eyeshadow or black liner for an edgier eye makeup look.


Glossy lids


6. In summers, apply a lightweight primer followed by a lightweight foundation. Wearing a tinted moisturizer will feel light on your skin. You can combine a small amount of liquid foundation with a small amount of moisturizer. It will thin it out and provide you with a lighter coat.


Tinted moisturizer


7. Switch your blush powder with a gel liquid blush because the latter is long lasting. To achieve a beautiful suntan, you can use a light shade of bronzer on cheekbones and chin.


Gel liquid blush


8. Replace matte lipsticks for lip stains. Lip stains will make your lips shine as you step out in the sun. It’s best to stay away from clear gloss as they can increase the chances of lip burn.


Lip stains


Follow the above makeup tips to have your makeup on-fleek throughout the season!