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Last year saw makeup trends like glossy eyelids, glitter tears and colored eyelashes raising the temperatures, both on and off the runway. With the new year, new makeup trends are bound to begin. Are you set to experiment with the latest makeup trends? Then, let’s have a look at trends that’ll make you go wow in 2017:

Two Tone Lips:

Last year, a lot of buzz was created when celebrities and fashion enthusiasts stepped out with lipstick shades like dark blue and teal green. However, experiment with two-tone lips in 2017. Pick two shades of the same family, for example, dark red and hot pink, one for your lower lip and the other for your upper lip. Though the colors will look the same from afar, but up close they’ll give a playful vibe that’ll go perfectly well for your night out.

Two Tone Lips Beauty Trend


Straight Brows-Using Gel:

Aren’t you done with enough drama in your eyebrows? Let 2017 be a less dramatic year when it comes to brows because naturally groomed, straight brows will be more in trend this year. We suggest you ditch the tweezers, pencils, and powders for a tinted gel to hold freshly brushed brows and lightly fill them as well. Try this new makeup tip and see how well you blend with the trends of 2017.

Straight Eyebrows


Unfinished Eyeliner:

2017 is the time to opt for imperfect eyeliner. Yes, you read that right. Give your perfectly winged eyeliner a rest and line only in the centers of your eyes. Black eyeliner, when unfinished, takes on a completely new look.

Perfect Unfinished Eyeliner Trends


Pair Blush With Your Lip Tone As Well As Eyeshadow:

Match your blush with your lipstick as well as your eyeshadow because this method ties everything together. Your makeup will look absolutely flawless.

Match Your Lipstick To Eyeshadow


Metallic Lids:

2017 will see eye makeup go a notch higher. Last year was all about glossy eyelids. However, this year metallic lids will trend. There’ll be more glimmer with metallic eye makeup. Metallic lids give a similar pop effect as glossy lids, but with more functional wear ability.

Metallic Eye Makeup Looks


Lip Gloss:

It’s always interesting to start trends once again that faded away. Since last year was all about matte lips, it’d be a great idea and a refreshing change to bring lip gloss back. Therefore, ditch your matte lipsticks this year and opt for a makeup trend that you can hashtag as #throwback.

Moisturize Your Lips with Lip Gloss