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It’s enough that you sweat during the summer. Your make-up shouldn’t.

Indian summers lead to Indian monsoons, and boy oh boy, welcome to Humidville! Sweaty, greasy, oily and slick, it’s hard not to find a gross adjective that appropriately describes how you feel.

Adding to your woes in this sweltering season is melting foundation, patchy concealer and greasy eye shadow. But just because it’s hot and humid doesn’t mean your make-up has to sweat.

Clean Start:

Begin by washing your face with some cold water to get rid of all the excess oil. This step is non-negotiable. There is also a certain freshness only a cold water splash provides. Pat your face dry (never rub!) and apply a thin layer of a light moisturizing gel or lotion.

Make Primer Your Best Friend:

To prep skin for make-up, apply a primer as your base. Everything else should go on top of it. Using a face and eye primer will smoothen your skin texture and create an even surface for your foundation to sit on. Think of it as a glue, which keeps your make-up in place.

Skip The Foundation:

Using heavy foundation in a humid climate makes your make-up appear pasty. Instead, use a mattifying concealer only in areas that need covering up. If you need additional coverage, layer a light tinted moisturiser and a setting powder. Eat cake, don’t look like cake.

Put That Powder Blush Away:

Pick cream blushes over powder blush for the cheeks; it’ll last you longer because unlike powder it doesn’t just sit on your skin but gently settles in. It won’t embarrass you by running down your cheeks. In fact, we suggest you even use a cream-based eye-shadow on your eyelids.

But Not Entirely:

Layer cream with powder. Applying powder blush over cream blush and powder eye-shadow over a cream one really sets your make-up, keeping it in place much longer than it’d otherwise stay.

MyGlamm Pro tip: Instead of applying in swirls using a brush, apply powder (blush and eye-shadow) with a sponge using a dabbing or patting motion.

Waterproof Equals Black-tears-proof:

Unlike the flaky and crumbly waterproof mascaras from an age not-so-bygone, there are some good ones in the market today which are soft and smooth. So are waterproof eye-liners. They’re your best bet against those unnecessary black tears that roll down your eyes without your consent.

Go Matte On The Lips:

If statement lips are your thing, paint them in bright matte colours. No gloss please! But if you are going nude on the mouth, or simply opting for lighter colours, go for tinted lip balms and lip stains for a smudge-free pout.

Don’t Leave Home Without Blotting Paper:

We repeat: Don’t leave home without blotting paper or oil-absorbing strips. You want a soft radiance all day long, not a slick shine on your face. Pat your face every two or three hours to keep it looking fresh. Even if you want to retouch your make-up, blot before you blend.

As the saying goes, “Women don’t sweat, they glisten!”

If you want our experts to create a melt-proof make-up look for you at home, call 1800 103 1516 to order a MyGlamm service today.