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The monsoon gloom can really bring you down, so we’re bringing you some new nail trends to try out to change your mood from gloomy to glammorous! We honestly believe that the rains wash away the old and bring in the new and what better way than to start out small and be a little adventurous with your nails!

Here are some of our favorite monsoon nail trends:

1. Splatter Nail Art 

Splatter nail art perfectly complements all the chaos and splashing that goes on during the monsoon. This unique nail art can stand out or be the perfect subtle nail look depending on the colors you choose, so go ahead and give it a try!


Splatter Nail Art


2. Mix and Match 

The rain may bring in the new, but it can make a huge mess while doing it. All the mud and muck can really mess up a pedicure. So we suggest, match bright manicures with darker pedicures. This way you can lighten up your mood in the dim weather, while keeping your pedis looking nice and neat!


Mix and Match


3. Make Monsoon your Transition Month 

Not into bright colors? Maybe try experimenting with some deep colors to make monsoon the perfect transition into the cooler winter months. We absolutely adore burgundy, deep purples, and navy blue as transition shades.


Make Monsoon your Transition Month 


4. Electric Blue 

Electric blue is a must try! It is the perfect color to complement the blue showers without being overly bright. We are obsessed with how perfect the shade is for the monsoon season.


Electric Blue 


5. Essential Neutrals

If you’re a working woman, we get how hard it can be to pull off some of the more vibrant colors with your button down blouse. So we suggest, you go a little crazy with the colors over the weekend and maybe opt for some nudes during the week. Nudes are perfect for keeping your nails looking unbelievably neat even through the rough weather.


Essential Neutrals


If you love or try out any of these trends let us know in the comments below!