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With new year comes new trends. And, while we are busy following the latest fashion trends, here are some nail trends too that have been ruling 2017 already. Find out what these super cool trends are & we bet you’ll love every bit of it!

1. Shape your nails in Squareletto which is the shape of the season. Paint them in this cool shade of mauve and see how you make a stunning beauty statement.



2. To achieve this colourful nail look, sprinkle nailfetti onto the sticky surface of artificial nails or gel polishes, then top your design off with a sealing coat. And, voila!



3. Floral nails look best on Stiletto shaped nails. How about getting some flower print on your nails, topped with some cute accessories, this summer season?



4. Do not miss out on the two-toned nail trend in 2017. Take two colors that’ll make for an awesome combination and paint your nails in a neat manner. This one’s a perfect combo. What’d you think?



5. Here’s another summery and chic combination that’s sure to work wonders on your nails. Purple and yellow, when done right, can give all other color combinations a run for their money. We’re loving this one, are you?



6. Because aztec print can never look bad, especially on nails. This yellow, white and black combo too can look killer on long and pretty nails. Care to try?