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Lipstick with shades

Spring is here! It’s time to bring out those pop lip shades. While fashionistas across the city are going gaga over pop coloured lip shades (FYI, we love them too), we thought of highlighting the do’s and don’ts of wearing it right.

So, we decided to share a few tips from our Head Makeup Trainer and Celebrity artist, Bijon Burepaga on the do’s and don’ts of wearing these shades!

Line it right – Step 1 – Always use a deeper shade of lip pencil on the corners of the lip and on the lip line. Step 2 – Apply the bright lipstick shade and blend the two with a lipstick brush. This is to make sure your lips don’t look odd and unruly, no matter how bold the colour!

lipstick shades for dark skin

Pay close attention to lip shape – Try and make the lip as symmetrical as possible. If this does not work out, don’t wear a bright shade. Period! You don’t want to look funny with uneven lips ‘coz dazzling lip shades accentuate the shape of your lips way more than a neutral shade.

Pay close attention to lip shape

Mute the rest of your face – You don’t want to look like a drag queen, so make sure if your focus is on bright lips; completely tone down the rest of your face. If you’re sporting a super bright colour, make sure you don’t focus too much on the rest of the face. Eg. Skip eye makeup and blush, use only mascara.

pink lipstick shades for fair skin

Go matte – Avoid glossing the lip too much to avoid the pigment from bleeding. If you apply lip gloss on pop lips, there’s always a risk of the colour running down and making it look extremely bad and amateur. It’s best to avoid gloss.

Avoid glossing the lip too much

Always carry a remover – Pop lip shades are highly pigmented and don’t budge on removal. Make sure you carry a makeup remover and enough wipes with you if you wish to switch from pop to nude.

Pop lip shades

Now that you know how to wear a pop lip shade right don’t get stuck in a beauty rut. Add some neon, fuchsia, plums and peaches to that boring vanity kit. Be different. Be Glammorous!

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