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The rising temperatures must be stressing all you to-be-summer brides out there. If you’re worried about your makeup caking or melting down in the scorching heat on your D-day, think again! We have the best alternative to regular makeup for you.

Ever heard of Airbrush Makeup? Yes, airbrush makeup is certainly going to save you on the day of your wedding. Here’s how:

-Airbrush makeup is applied through an air gun machine that produces a thin and even layer of makeup which does not feel too heavy on your face. Also, airbrush makeup creates a very beautiful matte finish that’ll look absolutely stunning when settled down.

-When the light spray of makeup comes out of the gun in the form of a fine mist, this mist of color covers the skin on your face and leaves you with a flawless complexion. This procedure works perfect for a day wedding. Your complexion is bound to glow in the sun.

-For a perfect blend to match your skin tone, the foundation colors are mixed, so that the makeup doesn’t look too caked on and gives your face a natural glow. Bonus point of opting for Airbrush Makeup is that the makeup does not transfer onto clothing. Yes, you read that right!

-Did you know? Airbrush Makeup is waterproof. Isn’t this perfect for a summer wedding? The makeup won’t meltdown even in the scorching heat. Make sure you don’t wipe off sweat or tears and instead use blotting paper.

-The best part about Airbrush Makeup is that it suits all skin types. And for all those with an oily skin, this is the best kind of makeup you can opt for on your D-day, especially if it’s taking place in the humid months.

-Since your makeup will remain fresh as ever for upto 16 hours, Airbrush Makeup makes for a great choice for summer weddings.